Passion Focus!


The “F word” inspires fear in many people, because it means that they will have to control their wild ways and learn to FOCUS. The ability to focus on a problem helps one create a good working solution in an appropriate amount of time using an appropriate amount of resources. The words elegant and efficient come to mind when one thinks of an engineer who has focused on and finished a problem. Just as the optical term implies, focusing on a problem means to define a field of view, clearly see what needs to be done, and then do it in depth! Engineers are typically given poorly defined problems else they would not be problems. Some guidelines to help focus includes: 


• Maximize aquatic avian linearity:

一行白鹭上青天(有点像武功心法了= =

• Get your ducks in a row


• Dissect the problem into its components and requirements


• Maximize avian termination with a minimum number of projectiles:


• Kill two birds with one stone

  “一石二鸟” 懂的都懂

• Systematically generate solution strategies and machine concepts


• Look for similarities between elements of the problem


• Lacerate bovine growth by-product:


• Cut through the bulls#!t:


• Identify the primary tasks that must be completed to succeed


• Establish a set of goals and work efficiently to meet them

   建立多个目标元素,尽量的满足各元素的要求(efficiently 有点像权重,总有取舍)

• Avoid fluff and beware of productivity perils and endless discussions without resolutions


• Minimize deceased equine flagellation:


• Do not beat a dead horse


• Learn to recognize when an idea is destined to be intractable given your allowable resources, and then drop it


• Keep your ego in check, and learn to put your failures on the front page next to your successes


• Impactus maximus ad gluteus maximus:


• Give the project a BIG kick in the butt and do not delay starting!


• Maintain momentum and strive to finish ahead of schedule!


• Help others to get focus


The design of anything, from machines to software to prose, follows the same types of guidelines1. So be on the lookout for how you can apply these guidelines to other things you do. Your mind is a giant bio neural net, just waiting for new connections to be made! Just think of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Henry Maudslay! Their maxims will be with us forever! 

大到机械和软件设计,小到文章,都符合同样的基本原理。所以,仔细观察周围的事物,随时灵活应用学到的这些原理。我们的大脑就如一张大网,我们只需要连通某些节点,就能激发创作的火花。想想那些前辈吧 ,他们的名言,会永世相传。

Creative people often have a difficult time focusing, because as soon as they convince themselves that an idea they are working on is doable, they are often easily distracted by some other wonderful opportunity that arises. Given that many of us are required to work on several projects simultaneously, or to take several courses, focusing can be just as difficult. It requires willpower, pure and simple. It is just one of those things you have to learn to do; therefore, learn to say the "F word" to yourself. FOCUS! When you focus, then the other fun "F words" will also be yours: "Finish" and "Fun" and that great 4 letter "F word" expression, "Free time"! 

创造性的人总是很难专注于问题本身,只要他们认为自己的想法很好,就会忽视身边的其他可能和机遇。但是现实生活中,我们不得不同时处理不同的课程和问题,专注确实很难实现。专注需要的是简单、纯净和意志力,这些都需要后天自己锻炼习得。所以,永远铭记F-Focus(不是F@#¥ck!!),以及F4:Focus,Fun,Finish and Free time。

Take a careful look at the contest table and play with it, either physically or in your mind. Think about the ways to score, their apparent difficulty, and the potential for a simple means to dominate each scoring method. Consider your commitments to other activities, and determine how much time you will actually have to spend on your robot. Next, carefully apportion that time to different phases of the design process (strategizing, conceptualizing, detailing, building, testing). Within each phase, think about creating a clear set of goals towards which you will efficiently work; AND maintain constant vigilance against things that would have you detract from your goals. Always have a simple alternate path to take should you end up in the woods! 

无论是心理上和身体上,您都应该仔细观察下比赛场地,并简单的做些实验。考虑如何得分,得分的难易性以及潜在的最优得分方案。注意下自己的时间安排,考虑分配多少时间给设计竞赛。下一步,把总的时间分配到设计的不同阶段去(战略分析,概念方案,细节设计,制造装配,实地测试)。对于每个阶段,列出设计所需要实现的目标和要求。当然,一定要警惕不能分心。一定要有Plan B,要不然会撞南墙。

1. From “Politics and the English Language” George Orwell, 1946, english-language.txt:

a Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.

b Never use a long word where a short one will do. (iii) If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.

c Never use the passive where you can use the active.

d Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.

e Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.






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